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    Heartspace is the AI-powered PR solution replacing traditional firms and distribution systems. Heartspace is designed for CMOs at scale-ups seeking full-service, result-driven, on-demand PR with flexible terms. We offer a guaranteed CPM of under $5, complete flexibility, and better quality than conventional PR at a fraction of the cost.

    Heartspace AI

    Facing PR Hurdles? Welcome to Your Solution.

    Navigate the PR Terrain with Ease

    Heartspace turns founders into thought-leaders with guaranteed earned media coverage reaching millions at a fraction of the cost of ads or traditional PR.

    Fully digital platform with real-time collaboration. Less meetings. More work. Less talk. More results.
    Heartspace's AI models unlock time for strategy, creativity, and expert quality assurance. We are not just faster and better affordable; we deliver significantly better results than any other option on the market today.
    Fully flexible and scalable
    Say good bye to long-term contracts or heavy retainers. Start a free trial and scale your PR efforts based on what you need this month. Pause and restart whenever you need to and only pay for results.
    Heartspace EditorHeartspace Editor

    All Your PR, Under One Roof

    Whether it’s crafting impactful press releases, doing media-analysis, engaging with stakeholders, or sending personalized pitches, Heartspace is here for you.

    Targeted Media Outreach That Delivers
    Build your media presence with highly customized pitches for relevant media outlets. No more spray and pray. We ensure your story is relevant to the outlet it’s pitched to.
    Heartspace AI Distribution
    Connect globally with key influencers and media outlets. Our AI-enhanced distribution crafts and sends tailored messages, making sure your message is relevant to the readerships of the outlets you send to.
    Heartspace AI Experts
    Seamlessly work with experienced senior journalists and PR-experts gaining strategic finesse and creativity
    AI-Powered Automation:
    Transform business data into impactful PR content with our custom developed, high quality and highly secure custom AI-models.
    Smart Media Analysis:
    Our AI targeting system finds media outlets that are relevant to your news, and gives you a custom list of media contacts with verified email-adresses that actually work. No more bounces.
    Scalable solutions:
    Scale and downscale your PR-efforts to your current needs. No complicated contracts. No hidden fees.

    Testimonials and cases

    Björn Lundén AB reached millions of people and got published in renowned outlets.
    Pål Carlsson, Editor and Content writer
    @Björn Lundén AB
    “By using Heartspace AI tools for customized versions and smart mailings, we got published in close to 60 publications in just one single activity.”
    Jessica Löfström, Chair of the board,
    @Ansvar Säkerhet
    Voiijer got published in several international outlets in their first Heartspace activity
    Greg McConnell, CMO
    @Voiijer app

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