Don’t waste time summarizing the news.

    NirvanaAI dives deep into any industry, then writes high-quality news-summaries on auto-pilot so you can focus on the reporting without the hassle.

    Fall in love with Nirvana AI your professional AI ghostwriter

    ”Nirvana AI allows us at Kattalo to manage our content efficiently. We can mix updates about product launches and events with relevant industry news, maintaining a steady flow of engaging and credible information for our community."
    Per Clingweld, Strategic Growth Leader
    "Heartspace has helped us in a very dedicated, structured, and professional manner. We have received well-considered advice and high-quality deliveries. By using Heartspace AI tools for customized versions and smart mailings, we got published in nearly sixty publications in just one single activity.”
    Jessica Löfström, Chair of the board,
    @Ansvar Säkerhet
    "Heartspace has, in an attentive and confidence-inspiring manner, helped us at Björn Lundén to find our way of conducting advocacy work. The network that Heartspace has at its disposal has also proved to be the deciding factor for us to penetrate the noise and get our message across."
    Jörgen Höglund, Sustainability Manager,
    @Björn Lundén AB

    Stay ahead of the conversation (automatically) with NirvanaAI

    Let NirvanaAI free up your team's time and energy for deeper work than research and news-summaries

    She’ll research on autopilot (news-articles, podcasts, white papers) faster and more thoroughly than any human and better than traditional media-monitoring.
    She’s constantly scanning the entire internet for the latest in your field — and she never gets tired. Her writing is free from AI-mumbo jumbo and corporate sounding bullshit.
    She'll write high-quality pieces for your news-site and learns to write to your journalistic needs and requirments — with texts that pass AI-detection services like GPTzero and gets the highest scores on Grammarly

    Tell NirvanaAI who to follow, and she’ll keep up.

    She’ll consume podcasts, social accounts, and newsletters
    She’ll monitor industry-specific keywords
    She’ll write unique news-summaries based on any article published anywhere
    You’ll get a curated summary written in your voice to read or share daily.
    NirvanaAI is trained on non-copyrighted journalistic writing. You own all the material it produces.
    Heartspace EditorHeartspace Editor

    She’ll write news based on trends and insights.

    Get posts for your blog, newsletter, X, Threads and more...
    Provide feedback for instant revisions
    Edit collaboratively with team members in real time
    Use pre-prompted shortcuts or custom writing agents
    Heartspace EditorHeartspace Editor

    Publish excellent pieces in minutes.

    This isn’t ChatGPT. NirvanaAI achieves a 93-98% Grammarly score, plus: Frees up time for deeper investigative journalism.

    References sources
    Writes clearly
    Never plagiarizes
    Has a “human” tone

    Learn with Heartspace: AI Tools That Power Journalism

    In our on-demand courses, we’ll teach your writers and journalists how to use NirvanaAI and other AI-tools for effective and ethical news-media production. Included at no extra costs in our paid plans.


    Does Heartspace and NirvanaAI maintain privacy?

    Yes. Heartspace will not train our AI on your data without permission, and all our current and future products, NirvanaAI included, are free from advertising. Our subscription-based business model is free from ads, and we do not sell our users’ data.

    Is my data secure?

    Yes. We implement industry-standard security measures and are fully GDPR compliant.

    What are the limits on the use of NirvanaAI?

    Unlimited. We do have a control mechanism set in place for susceptive bots or unnatural overuse.

    How does Heartspace and NirvanaAI ensure ethical and responsible communication?

    We tune our AI to promote responsible and constructive tonality. Our terms of conduct prohibit misinformation or the promotion of destructive concepts. We also vet all accounts on a regular basis and only accept serious journalists and news services as customers.

    Does NirvanaAI support multiple languages?

    Yes. NirvanaAI can handle most languages very well.

    What models do you use and what are they trained on?

    Heartspace has built more than 20 AI agents customized for journalistic purposes. Our agentic framework will use the best off-the-shelf and custom-trained models based on each user’s needs and use case. All our models are trained on custom datasets of non-copyrighted material. We offer an enterprise-grade, secure, and compliant solution so you can have peace of mind and know that you always own the material you produce and publish with the help of Heartspace and NirvanaAI.

    How do I contact Heartspace AI for support or questions?

    If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at [email protected].

    What is Heartspace and what is NirvanaAI?

    Heartspace is an impact startup based in Sweden that aims to improve the media climate and the public conversation by building tools for a global second renaissance. We want to free up journalists’ time so they can go from summarizing news to writing more in-depth journalistic pieces. And we want to enable more voices to contribute to a vital and constructive public conversation. We build responsible AI tools for the modern media industry. NirvanaAI is our autonomous AI researcher and writer. She is paired with Heartspace AI Writer, our AI-enhanced editor that enables users to collaborate in real-time with both humans and AI agents. We are also building Heartspace AI distribution tools that will allow AI-augmented publishing and distribution to any channel directly from our editor.

    Don’t waste time on summarizing the news.

    Automate it and free up time for deeper journalism.