Difficult to get noticed? Valuable stories often get buried in the media noise.

    Heartspace AI: Combining smart AI-powered storytelling and media distrubution automations, with your unique insights for impactful, authentic storytelling. Be heard, engage better.

    AI capable of authentic storytelling and intelligent media distribution

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    At Heartspace, we're more than just an AI tool; we're a collective of real people passionate about real stories. Our platform? It's straightforward yet powerful, blending AI-driven content creation with smart distribution. But here's the real magic: it's not just about algorithms and analytics. It's about the connections, the shared experiences, and the laughs we have in our community of storytellers and dreamers. We know that at the end of the day, it's your human touch that makes a story come alive. Heartspace is just here to give that story a little nudge in the right direction.

    Authentic Storytelling
    Ditch the salesy jargon. Create compelling and engaging written content that resonates.
    Smart Distribution
    Our AI-agents tailors your message and connects you with key influencers and media outlets, forging vital relationships.
    Learn and grow
    We offer a community for AI-learners where we share knowledge and resources and become better at using AI for augmenting human capacity - not replacing it
    Real-Time Collaboration
    Teamwork made easy. Collaborate seamlessly in our editor, in real time, from anywhere. Bring your collective creativity to the forefront.
    Heartspace EditorHeartspace Editor


    “Heartspace tools have been instrumental in our journey, enabling us to rise above the noise and amplify our message.”
    Leo Sjökvist, Head of PR
    @Just Arrived
    "Utilizing Heartspace’s tools for AI-driven media-outreach, we have successfully managed to more than double our opening rate and get significantly better coverage in earned media."
    Pål Carlsson, Editor and Content writer
    @Björn Lundén AB
    “By using Heartspace AI tools for customized versions and smart mailings, we got published in close to 60 publications in just one single activity.”
    Jessica Löfström, Chair of the board,
    @Ansvar Säkerhet

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    Reasons to choose Heartspace AI

    At Heartspace, we're on a mission to create a wider, kinder and wiser public conversation where more voices are given the space they deserve.

    Heartspace AI Write™
    Collaborative AI-Powered Editor for Organic Content Building and Thought Leadership. Our collaborative editor with integrated AI prioritizes objectivity and balance over marketing hype, enabling journalistic and nuanced language tailored to your data.
    Heartspace AI Outreach™
    Reach key influencers and media outlets around the world with AI-tailored messaging through our intelligent distribution system, forging vital connections and automating personalized outreach for effective distribution.
    Heartspace AI Experts™
    Our experts are experienced journalists and PR experts trained in using our AI-tools to the utmost. You will receive expert creative guidance for crafting impactful messages and enhancing your narrative.
    Social Media Mastery
    Optimize your social media presence with unique AI-generated content for each channel based on your articles.
    Customized Engagement
    Let AI refine your message to make it more relevant and newsworthy to outlets and journalists in specific areas and of particular interest.
    Collaborate in Real-Time!
    Facilitate teamwork by allowing team members to work together in real time on PR, similar to working in a Google Doc, but more efficient.
    Expert Guidance - Heartspace Strategy
    Receive expert creative guidance for crafting impactful messages, enhancing your narrative.
    Learn and grow
    Through our AI-community our users are leading the way in the AI-transition with Heartspace and so can you. Some users are even getting featured in both national and international outlets reaching millions in single campaigns.

    Who can use Heartspace?

    Heartspace is designed to meet the needs of changemakers and aspiring through leaders that have an important story to share but find it hard to break through the media noise.

    Startups and fast growing businessess
    Heartspace serves as a springboard for startups and fast growing businesses aiming to establish a presence in their respective industry landscapes. It offers an avenue for emerging ventures to build brand recognition in an efficient manner, eliminating the necessity for extensive PR teams or costly external agencies. Instead, startups have access to premier public communication tools through Heartspace, allowing them to reallocate resources towards enhancing their core product or service.
    For corporations, Heartspace offers scalability without the accompanying surge in expenses. It facilitates broader audience engagement while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Additionally, Heartspace's adherence to security standards and regulatory compliance ensures that corporate communication endeavors are safeguarded.
    Purpose-Driven Organizations
    Heartspace is a boon for non-profits, advocacy groups, and social enterprises, providing the means to articulate their mission and connect with a global audience. It offers a suite of tools tailored for purpose-driven communication and engagement.
    Unconventional marketing and PR-studios
    Independent, growth-hacking, and creatively-driven studios find the freedom from bureaucratic restraints in Heartspace refreshing. Utilizing Heartspace, these studios can distinguish themselves from competitors and remain at the forefront of the AI-driven communication revolution.

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