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    Heartspace is the go-to solution for CMOs at fast-growing, impact-oriented scale-ups who want to build brand recognition and position themselves as thought leaders. Our services are powered by custom AI models and a network of human experts, which deliver three times as many earned media placements in leading news outlets at a tenth of the cost of traditional firms or distribution systems.

    Heartspace AI

    What our clients say

    "Heartspace has, in an attentive and confidence-inspiring manner, helped us at Björn Lundén to find our way of conducting advocacy work. The network that Heartspace has at its disposal has also proved to be the deciding factor for us to penetrate the noise and get our message across."
    Jörgen Höglund, Sustainability Manager,
    @Björn Lundén AB
    "Heartspace has helped us in a very dedicated, structured, and professional manner. We have received well-considered advice and high-quality deliveries. By using Heartspace AI tools for customized versions and smart mailings, we got published in nearly sixty publications in just one single activity.”
    Jessica Löfström, Chair of the board,
    @Ansvar Säkerhet
    "We at Almi are very pleased with the cooperation with Heartspace. We receive good support with broad experience and profound knowledge. Moreover, we achieve an outstanding impact."
    Lars Mårdbrant, Communications Director,
    @Almi Företagspartner

    Thought Leadership Content that Scales

    High-quality written content is crucial when you are competing for industry leadership. Heartspace specializes in offering press releases, white papers, how-to guides, opinion pieces, reports, and case studies that are qualified by human experts and drafted by our custom AI models. Using both high-tech and high touch, we enable high-quality content creation at scale, at a price up to ten times better than traditional PR firms and distribution systems, and three times more effective.

    Target outlets that are specifically interested in your topics
    Our custom AI-driven solutions analyze industry trends and audience interests, setting the stage for impactful storytelling. It adapts your content to different target groups and outlets, making it more engaging and enabling us to offer guaranteed media coverage and result-based pricing for our PR campaigns.
    Tailor every release for each outlets readership
    With the groundwork laid, our experts help sculpt your stories, enhancing their appeal to both media outlets and your target audience.
    Get expert support that ensures strategic, creative and qualitative work
    We don’t leave your story’s journey to chance. Our experts have automation tools that enable them to focus on strategy and creativity. This is how our PR-activities are not only more cost-effective but also deliver more publications than traditional agencies. We spend our experts time on qualitative work.
    Automate what can be automated
    Transform business data into impactful PR content with our custom developed, high quality and highly secure custom AI-models.
    Position your brand as a thought-leader
    Beyond publication, we position your story to elevate your brand’s status, turning insights into influence and making your mark in the industry.
    Get full flexibility and scalability, only pay for what you need, use and what drives results
    Scale and downscale your PR-efforts to your current needs. No complicated contracts. No hidden fees.

    No more expensive retainers, endless strategy-sessions and re-work

    We get you published in earned media and help you build media that you own

    We make sure you get the earned media coverage that your brand deserves. And we can also help you build your own media through newsletters, blogs and even your own AI-powered news-site. Let us help you boosts your traction, and give you access to the attention of potential investors, customers, and talent in a scalable way.

    Technology that ensures effectivity
    Our proprietary, AI-augmented, and fully digital platform with real-time collaboration makes us ten times faster than traditional agencies. Less meetings. More work. Less talk. More results.
    Experts that ensure quality
    With Heartspace, you always get seasoned experts with 10-20 years of experience in their field and are matched with your project based on their knowledge. This means less time spent on familiarization and more on action.
    A pricing model that is flexible to your needs and budgets
    We don’t charge hourly rates that can escalate or lead to unclear invoices. Instead, we offer fixed or set price caps based on pre-agreed job descriptions and packages. We don’t lock in our clients but provide total flexibility as we understand that your PR needs can change. We only take on projects that contribute to a more sustainable society. Say goodbye to long-term contracts, heavy retainers, and slow turnovers. Get the PR you need when you need it.
    Heartspace EditorHeartspace Editor

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