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    What is Heartspace & Nirvana AI?

    Nirvana AI is the collective intelligence of all of the autonomous AI assistants Heartspace has created. These assistants are trained on three years of custom datasets of content that we have created in-house and there is not copyrighted. Therefore, we can offer an AI-driven service that is compliant and safe to use. Nirvana AI does autonomous research on trending topics in our customers industries. She drafts content based on their tonality and custom requirements. She can write news articles, blog posts, LinkedIn posts, or other written content our clients need. Our clients not only get daily briefings with summaries of the latest trends and news in their industry daily, but they are also written in their tone of voice and brand tone. They also get custom content for all their channels that they can publish with minor edits. Go from endless research to a constant stream of high-quality content with a push of a button with Nirvana AI.

    How does it work?

    Every day, you get news summaries written by Nirvana AI on the latest important news in your industry. You can edit these texts and use Heartspace's internal AI to refine them further. You can also invite a friend to work on them. You will always have helpful content ideas and high-quality texts ready to publish with minor tweaks.

    Is Heartspace AI easy to use?

    Yes, Heartspace AI is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Our easy-to-use interface lets users put in the information they need, choose the types of content they want, and instantly get AI-generated content.

    What types of content can Heartspace AI generate?

    Heartspace AI can generate a wide variety of content, including press releases, op-eds, social media posts, blog articles, and more. Our focus is on providing content that keeps a journalistic tone and quality. It will be free from sales and marketing copy and have a lower level of common "AI"-tropes like “in an era of" as can be found in most other AI tools. Heartspace writes more human-like prose like a reporter or journalist at a media outlet. Heartspace AI is trained and tuned by experts in generative AI and PR based on our experience and the texts we have written.

    Can I customize the AI-generated content?

    Of course. Heartspace AI provides a starting point for your content, which you can edit, refine, and tailor to your needs, and you can also get help from our human experts and collaborate in real time with friends and co-workers.

    How do I manage my billing and subscription?

    We use Stripe as a billing provider, and you can access your billing settings under your organization inside of the platform. You are never bound to continue with the service after the current billing period. And you can also upgrade your account at any time if you would like to have another package and get current subscription prorated.

    What are the limits for the use of the AI and what happens if I reach them?

    Unlimited. We do have control mechanism set in place for susceptive bots or unnatural overuse.

    Is my data secure with Heartspace AI?

    We take data security very seriously at Heartspace AI. We implement industry-standard security measures to ensure your information is protected and confidential. We do not train the AI on your data without your permission. Our service is fully GDPR compliant.

    How does Heartspace AI ensure ethical and responsible communication?

    Heartspace AI is built to promote compassionate, responsible, and constructive dialogue. We tune the AI to prioritize these values and generate content encouraging understanding, empathy, and meaningful engagement. We also vet all customers before onboarding. Under our Terms of Conduct we do not allow companies in industries that hurt the planet or people on it to use our product to spread misinformation or maintain status quo in a way that stops or halts progress and transition towards a green economy and a sustainable future. We also do not allow our platform to be used to promote gambling, pornography, recreational and non-medicinal drugs, or the use of fossile fuels or energy resources. But it's 2024 so we should not even need to say that. We focus on working with companies with a clear mission to improve the world and with sustainability at their core.

    How do I contact Heartspace AI for support or questions?

    If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at [email protected].

    Do you support multiple languages?

    Yes. The AI will answer you in the language you use and handles over 190 languages very well. It also gets better all the time. We have users all over the world that use the tool for texts in French, Swedish, Spanish, Farsi, Arabic, German, Finnish, Hindi, Mandarin, Japanese, Greek and other languages. We also have a global network of human PR-experts that can speak and qualify writing in all the above languages.

    How do I get started with Heartspace AI?

    Book a demo and we will show you how the platform works and how to get started!

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